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Hello, and welcome to Developing Ideas! My name is Corbin Albert and this is my blog. In this corner of the internet, I am hoping to articulate my ever-evolving ideas, perspectives, and worldview. But more than that, I hope this blog will facilitate an opportunity to learn from others and hear the reasonings behind differing beliefs.

In naming this blog Developing Ideas, I hope to emphasize a sense of dynamism in the formulation of one’s views. I find the lack of this fluidity to be a critical problem in today’s political and social discourse, and it is a discussion I hope to continually have throughout the development of this site. By no means am I advocating a lack of conviction nor a refusal to take a stance, but rather to have well-reasoned beliefs that can adapt to new information and open themselves to insights. After all, if you want to always be right, you must always be willing to change your mind.

We can, and likely will, discuss the science and psychology of this refusal to mold our beliefs to new information, but we’ll save that for a dedicated post. For now, suffice it to say that this is a blog of my personal developing ideas, which I hope and quite suspect will change over the course of this blog. As such, I make absolutely no promises that the views expressed in previous blog posts reflect my current sentiments. Something tells me this disclaimer isn’t going to excuse me of my naiveté as I develop these ideas. Oh well, I tried. Some information about you!

The guy behind the blog

Image of me and my wife

As for me, I am a Senior Data Scientist at IBM*. Outside of Computer Science, I am a lover of food and fitness. Of Politics and speculation. Of Psychology and Philosophy. Of critical thought and discussion. In the end, I am simply a lover of learning.

The topics I hope to cover are varied in nature: some long-form political and cultural discussion, some sharing of what I am currently learning or fascinated by, a bit of CS and AI for good measure, the list could go on forever. Essentially, I plan to write about what I’m currently thinking about and interested in. There is so much in this world to deliberate and discuss, spanning a myriad of fields. The hope is that these posts can begin a dialogue with anyone who is open to developing their own ideas and takes the time to read them.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the blog.

* It would be remiss of me if I did not admit to my sorry attempt at being clever with a double-meaning behind choosing the adjective “Developing” for this blog given my CS background.

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